CoP – UCD PA Network

By Maureen Quinn, Sinead Kelly, Sinead McNally, Catherine Ryan

The UCD PA Network was launched on Friday 20 October to provide support, share information and explore opportunities to develop as a group and individually. Our primary goal is to create a strong, supportive network and recognition of us as a group within the UCD community.  It is an opportunity to review our administrative practices, foster collaboration between units and to improve information flow.  There is scope to build on our existing relationships and further develop them.  We also believe it would be useful to create a better understanding of what we do and how we do it.  We plan to create a shared repository of information of our existing templates which may influence UCD policies and practices in the future.  We will look at ways to generate training and personal development for PA’s.

UCD Agile kindly facilitated a workshop on Tuesday 21 November, where the group looked at our priorities for 2018.  We are planning workshops and masterclasses for 2018, looking at tools and applications available to us (e.g. Google applications) and assessing how to upskill our wealth of institutional knowledge.  This will help to more efficiently engage with existing supports which may be available and to promote our members’ activities, skills and overall contributions to University activity.