WST 2019 Afternoon Session Details

Afternoon parallel sessions (B) 1430 – 1530 – 14 March 2019

We have set the session up to make sure you can get involved with the presentations and presenters – questions, answers and thoughts welcome – so there will be the opportunity to explore in more detail some of what comes up during the session itself.  But remember – the UCD presenters are all colleagues of yours so they are only every a phone call or email away if you want to follow up with them after the event.

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Session overview Strands and presenters
B1 – Empowering people through local development initiatives in UCD

Location:  Fitzgerald Chamber

Staff development is not always about training provided centrally in UCD. There are other ways to provide development information and opportunities for staff. This session will detail three successful approaches currently in place across UCD:

  • UCD Registry Staff Development group
  • The School Managers network
  • UCD Library Annual Staff day

This session will highlight the successes and lessons learned through each approach and to allow attendees contribute to the conversation, point to other areas of good practice in UCD and provide contact for interested areas begin developing their own ideas.

Strand 1: “Community of Practice for School Managers

Claire Nolan, School of Information and Communication Studies

Strand 2: “Registry Staff Development and Training Group”

Ryan Teevan and Ciara McCabe, Registry Staff Development and Training Group

Strand 3: “UCD Library Annual Staff Day”

Michelle Latimer, UCD Library, Planning and Administration Unit

B2 – From silos to success: 4 roads to collaboration

Location: Astra Hall

We are great at celebrating collaboration – that is a theme of Work Smarter Together.  But how do you go about creating collaboration, especially when you have big ideas or lots of potential partners, or a diverse and dispersed community of potential collaborators, or where you are looking to create connections where no one might expect to find them?We will share  four roads mapped out by UCD colleagues in this collaboration landscape. Alumni are bringing their experience to this WST session in ‘walk in clinic’ mode – if you walked into for diagnosis and advice on a potential collaboration, what are the key questions and best directions to heed; the most important experience brought immediately to bear? If you had the goal of developing proposals for interdisciplinary research in ways that are not so common, what might you do?  The research pollinator used a food focus to create an interdisciplinary ‘pollinator’ event aimed at bringing researchers from the STEM and AHSS disciplines together.  How do you run and international conference for academic advisors form across the world on the Belfield campus in the summer of 2018?  That was the challenge faced, and the road successfully walked, in the third of our inputs, using the NACDA ’18 conference to highlight the venue potential in UCD. The Irish are great travellers in Europe, but we also welcome many European colleagues to this country. The Spanish Research Society in Ireland brings together Spanish researchers from different disciplines and at different stages of their career, from academia, industry, private or public sector, for networking, support, scientific dissemination and the promotion of research. 

There are many examples of collaboration, successful and attempted, thought of and planned, from around the campus.  This session is an opportunity to see how these four examples found roads to successful collaboration, connecting with the energy and creativity of the UCD community, transcending the silos which sometimes constrain us.  Bring your experiences, ideas and question.  Join in!

Road 1: “Collaboration Showcase: UCD Alumni Collaboration Clinic”

(Kate Conroy, Alumni Relations Coordinator)
Ria Flom, Alumni Relations Officer
Jennie Blake, Associate Director for Alumni Relations

Road 2: “Food for Thought: A Recipe for Research Collaboration”

Caitriona Devery, School of Politics and International Relations
Susan Butler, Geary Institute

Road 3: “Collaborative hosting of an international conference: NACADA ’18”

Colleen Blaney Doyle, International Office
James Molloy, UCD Library

Road 4: “Using Cultural Connections for Effective and Influential Collaboration”

Dr Alfonso Fernández, Conway Institute of Biomolecular and Biomedical Research

B3 – Panel Discussion: UCD Green Week 2019: helping to turn Big ideas into on-going action

Location: Student Centre Cinema

UCD’s inaugural Green Week was held from the 4th to the 7th of February this year and featured an array of student and staff led events, activities and discussion and a great degree of animation, both on campus and through social media.

Over the course of this week, a number of questions emerged, questions not just for progressing the green agenda but for any broad, complex, important and, perhaps, sometimes overwhelming aganda:

How can diverse groups and individuals come together in UCD to turn big ideas into meaningful actions? How is engagement generated in a University community of 30,000 people?  How do people engage? Through Social media? Or personal engagement?  How is continuity achieved in a University setting?

This session will bring a bunch folks together from inside and outside UCD and explore these questions through a panel discussion, rooted in an overview of making Green Week happen, but perhaps branching beyond.

Gwyneth MacMaster, School of Biology and Environmental Science

Katie O’Dea, UCD Students’ Union Campaigns Coordinator
Dr Una Fitzpatrick, Project Coordinator, All Ireland Pollinator Plan
Dr Lisa Ryan, UCD School of Economics
Dr Fabiano Pallonetto, UCD School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Dr Andrew Jackson, UCD School of Law

Dr Mark d’Alton, Director, Biomedical Facilities, UCD