Smart Cards

The Smart Card idea was born to showcase all the good ideas/innovations across UCD, to encourage people to experiment and to demonstrate the success in a simple way.

It is not about whether you invented something new, it is about recognising that what you (or your team) did make things better for you, your colleagues, your unit….

What is Smart Card?

Smart card is a summary of an innovation or improvement, that you (or your team) have implemented in your area using a smart (sometimes simple) solution.

What’s the purpose of the Smart Card?

To showcase all the Smart ideas (big or small) and share the benefits of the innovation with your colleagues so they can benefit from it too! 

To connect people –  if you see a Smart Card you like, follow up with the owner.

What’s in it for me?

  • Opportunity to share Smart ideas with UCD community
  • Public recognition
  • Smart Card will feature on the Work Smarter Together website

How to fill out Smart Card template?

  • Enter the title for your Smart Card that relates to your innovation/improvement idea
  • Challenge: Describe the challenge. Use metrics if you can.
  • Idea: Describe what you did or the smart idea you had
  • Making it happen: Describe how you solved the problem or discovered the opportunity
  • Benefit: Tell us about the benefits. What is different now?
  • Use a picture/graphic relevant to any components of your Smart Card
  • Finally, don’t forget to fill in your name, email and where are you based in UCD

Download Smart Card Template and email it to

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Smart Card Example

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