WST 2019 Pre-event workshop details

Pre-event workshops March 13 2019

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Time / Workshop title               Workshop details

1330 – 1700

B1 – Lean ‘white belt’ training

Aisling Keogh

Content Overview: This session provides a general introduction to Lean in UCD. This is the process enhancement methodology that UCD Agile has brought into the University three years ago and in which over 400 colleagues have received training.

Participants in this session will get an understanding of the key concepts, of how they can be brought to bear on practical challenges/opportunities, and of the broad methodology overall, as well as how Lean fits into both a broader continuous improvement programme and a the basic day to day of making it easier to be successful in what you do.

When you have had this opportunity to get to know Lean be sure to come and talk to UCD Agile about how we can help your next steps.

Presenter/s: Aisling Keogh, SQT, UCD’s training partner.

Venue:  UCD Student Centre: Rooms 5/6/7 – upstairs near the Fitzgerald Chamber

1400 – 1600

B2 – Finding your “WHY” – What is a WHY Statement and how can it help you and your team?

Jeremy Britton and Amy McDonald

Content Overview:

What is a WHY Statement and how can it help you and your team?

What inspires you to come to work (and stay here!) every day? What drew you and your colleagues to be part of your specific team? What is it about what you do that fulfills you? When you find your ‘why’, how do use its strength and focus to help you and your team make better what is good and shape the creation of the new?

What will you do in this session?

This interactive workshop will introduce you to the concept of WHY; your underlying purpose, cause or belief. Together, we’ll take a look at the exercises we use to help (re)discover your team’s WHY and discuss why anyone would care about it, where caring about it has happened, and how that can be used in shaping the future.

Who is this session for?

The workshop is perfect for anyone leading or working as part of a team of any size across the University. Ideally you’ll have been working in UCD for at least 12 months and will carry a passion and enthusiasm for what you do. The session will be facilitated by Jeremy Britton, Project Manager for the rollout of the Unified Support Model.

Presenter/s: Jeremy Britton, Amy McDonald

Venue:  Student Centre:  The Quad Room
(The old pharmacy room, just off the atrium in the older part of the Student Centre)

1400 – 1530

B3 – IT Security in UCD – “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

IT Services

Content Overview: The presentation provides an overview of what IT security is, outlines the main cyber security threats affecting the University and gives practical advice on how to protect our digital Information from these persistent and ever more sophisticated threats. During the session, you will find out how persistent cyber-attacks over the past 2 years has resulted in over 250 incidents resulting in data breaches, hacked accounts and compromised devices.

Presenter/s:  Elaine Timmons, IT Services

Venue: Student Centre:  Cinema

1400 – 1530

B4 – UCD Mass Spectrometry Community of Practice – Work Smarter Together 2019 Talk and Networking Session


Content Overview:  The recently formed UCD Mass Spectrometry Community of Practice would like to invite all UCD practitioners of Mass Spectrometry to a talk and breakout session being held as part of the UCD Work Smarter 2019 event in March. It is hoped to foster useful discussion and networking between colleagues, and also facilitate introduction to industry representatives. MS spans a range of disciplines and techniques and we hope that the event can serve to introduce you to colleagues and techniques from diverse areas and applications.

Presenter/s: The CoP core group:  Jimmy Muldoon, Caitriona Scaife, Eugen Dillon, Sabine Harrison, Gwyneth MacMaster, David Van Acken

Venue: Student Centre:  Blue Room

1400 – 1600

B5 – Mindfulness Guided Practice: Lunchtime drop-in sessions for Staff


Content Overview:   This workshop looks at the Mindfulness Guided Practice Drop-in weekly lunchtime session for staff.  It will feature a “Taster Workshop”. In this taster workshop participants will have the opportunity to experience doing some guided mindfulness meditation practices. Participants will also hear from people who attend these drop-in sessions of their experiences and the benefits they have got from attending.   A summary of how  the core group works together for sustainability will be presented

Presenter/s:  Dr. Terry Barrett, UCD Teaching and Learning and Carolin Grampp, UCD School of Business

Venue: UCD Student Centre:  the Red Room