WST 2019 Pre-Event Programme

Pre-event workshops March 13 2019

Registration to the pre-event sessions can be made here

These sessions are an opportunity to work with colleagues from across the campus in workshops, training and creative sessions.  The workshops will take place in the UCD Student Centre.

The WST 2019 poster exhibition will be on display in the Student Centre Foyer, with the exhibition opening at 13.00 on 13 March.

On 13 March registration for the main event on 14 March will also be available from 13.00 to 16.30 so even if you are not taking part in one of the workshops you can come over, register for the Wednesday, and browse the posters.

Click here for more details on the pre-event sessions. 

13 March 2019

1300 – 1630:    Registration  for main event and poster viewing.

Parallel workshops – choose 1

1330 – 1630:     B1 – White belt training – UCD Agile

1400 – 1600:     B2 – Finding your “WHY” – What is a WHY Statement and how can it help you and your team? – Jeremy Britton and Amy McDonald

1400 – 1530:     B3 – IT Security in UCD – “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” – IT Services

1400 – 1530:     B4 – UCD Mass Spectrometry Community of Practice – Work Smarter Together 2019 Talk and Networking Session

1400 – 1600:     B5 – Mindfulness Guided Practice : Lunchtime drop-in sessions for Staff – Terry Barrett and Carolin Grampp