The History of WST

Work Smarter Together is known to many people as the University-wide event that was held on 13th March 2014 in the UCD O’Brien Centre for Science. The event, hosted by the Library, IT Services and Registry, had three broad themes – the changing landscape of higher education, social media and ‘big data’ in the University context. An underpinning objective was to provide colleagues with an opportunity to come together to share, to learn and to celebrate their creativity and successes. Over 250 colleagues from across the University came together for the day.

And so it was that Work Smarter Together was born – the ‘work’ is the business of supporting the University’s education and research, the ‘smart’ is about creativity and innovation, and ‘together’ is our collaboration and sharing. UCD Agile’s objectives are very much focused on supporting the University community in this way and so Agile’s sponsoring of WST has come about.


Administrative staff attended an Association of University Administrators (AUA) event in UCD. The idea of bringing together staff from across the University to share their creativity, to get different perspectives, and to network was born.


In April 24 2012, the University Forum was hosted by UCD Registry in the Quinn School of Business. The themes were naturally driven by what Registry was involved in and who it worked with. Beyond this, the aim was also to provide a broader opportunity for colleagues from across the campus to meet and to share. This event paved the way for Work Smarter Together 2014 – “let’s have more people involved the next time we do this”.


In March 13 2014, Work Smarter Together was hosted by Registry, the Library and IT Services. The event showcased creativity and collaboration from across the university as well as bringing some outside voices to our ears. The three units involved gained hugely from the work required in making the event a success – the event committee, the volunteers from within the units, the preparation of the poster sessions, and the work which gave rise to the sessions’ content etc. While the event would not have been possible without the support of the units’ directors, its success was created by the energy and enthusiasm of colleagues working together towards the common goal of providing a great day for their colleagues, locally and across the University.



UCD Agile was formed in 2015, arising from the UCD’s 2015-2020 strategic plan. Agile is taking the opportunity to sponsor WST 2017 and to support Work Smarter Together in the longer term as a community of practice within UCD. This is the community of those whose ‘practice’ makes the work of UCD possible.


March 15 2017 will see the next Work Smarter Together event. We look forward to looking back on our success!

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