Event Managers

As part of the Spotlight Series, we talk with Communities of Practice already established here at UCD about how they came together, their function, the objectives and where they hope to go with the CoP.

Who are you? 

I am Donna Carroll, Agile Coordinator.

The rest of the EM CoP committee are:

  • Elizabeth Bruton, Communications and Engagement Officer, UCD Earth Institute
  • Jason Masterson, Facilities Manager, Estate Services
  • Mary Staunton, Communications Manager, Communications Office
  • Alessia Talarico, Career Development Assistant, Careers Network

We are the Event Manager Committee for the next 12 months. We meet once a month to identify relevant content and presentations for the EM CoP meetings to help all levels and types of event coordinators & managers in UCD.


What is the purpose of the group?

The Event Managers CoP is a new community of practice that was started to let people who manage all the different types of events in UCD communicate, share information and resources and hopefully to make organising events in UCD a little easier.


How often do you meet?

We meet online once a month on the first Wednesday of the month at 2pm – 3pm. (We’re a very new group so that might change, we’re just trying a format out)



We are aiming to create best practice approaches, shared resources, and a clear understanding of how events can be managed in UCD. The CoP has a shared drive where we are gathering resources and helpful information that is open to members to use and add to at any time.

We also aim to create a network of colleagues who can help each other run events more easily and hopefully resolve some of the different issues that can arise when running events in UCD.


How can I join the Community of Practice?

The best way to join the Event Managers CoP is to join through the Workvivo space. It’s a private group but that’s just so that we can keep an eye on who’s involved and make sure that the  information posted in the space is relevant to the CoP.

You can also contact agile@ucd.ie if you are having difficulty with the Workvivo Space


Where can I learn more about the CoP?

Come along to one of the meetings at 2pm on the first Wednesday of the month or join the EM CoP space in Workvivo.

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