WST: Hybrid Working Experiment Case Studies & Community Consultation Sessions

All our colleagues were invited to join us during the 2022 WST Summer School for the HWG consultation and case study.

During WST Summer School we partnered with the Hybrid Working Group to ask our colleagues ‘What’s your experience of hybrid working?’

Three sessions took place over three days where UCD community members had the opportunity hear updates from different hybrid working groups across campus and be invited to share and reflect on their experience of the hybrid working trial. Participants took the opportunity to discuss their experience with colleagues, reflecting on what has been positive and challenging about this for them and their teams, and highlighting what matters most to them as UCD prepares to move out of the trial phase.

Each day a different group highlighted how they were experiementing with the reality of Hybrid Working and attendees were invited to contribute their thoughts and experiences to the development of our future Hybrid Working Policy.

These three case studies are available here.

Kate Griffin – UCD Registry

Janet Carton – UCD Graduate Studies

Evelyn Flanagan – UCD Library








The HWG continue their work in developing this framework taking this valuble input onboard as part of their larger consultation strategy.