New gallery and updated programme pages for WST 2017

Work Smarter Together 2017

We are still recovering from WST 2017 here in Agile.  The survey has been sent to all attendees and will stay open until March 30. If you have not yet told us what you think go do it now – please!

Check out the programme pages (AM and PM) for the event and you will find we have updated it with links to the presentations. Be sure to check out those you were to sad to miss!

We have also created a gallery for the event and uploaded a taster of the photos that will come soon.

Fear not, we won’t let you forget WST 2017 too easily. There is lots more to come! Those of you who were interviewed by Mark Simpson on the Vox Pop will be featuring on this website soon. We are also very excited to see what our graphic capture artist has created to encapsulate the day.

Finally, don’t forget the WST Communities of Practice launch on May 03….