Have you seen UCD Smart Cards yet?

By Bernadeta Kieromin, UCD Agile

We all know good ideas come along all the time in all shapes and sizes and help people solve problems in daily work.

A Work Smarter Together Smart Card is a simple one-page card that showcases what you did or used in your workplace to make things better for you, your team, your unit or other UCD staff, faculty and students that you interact with. It could be a piece of software that you used such as Google Form or Booking Centre to streamline your workload, how you reached your audience via social media channels, or how you manipulated existing data to gain better insights. You can see all UCD’s Smart Cards in the gallery.

By sharing your Smart Card you get recognised for the work you did or doing and others can benefit from it too!

Your Smart Card will feature on the WST Smart Card page  and your colleagues can learn from your experience and build on it or simply adapt it if working in a similar capacity. 

To share your Smart Card download the template and email it to UCD Agile at agile@ucd.ie 

[embeddoc url=”http://worksmartertogether.ucd.ie/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Smart-Card-template-V1.pptx” download=”all” viewer=”microsoft”]