Programme Orientation Community of Practice (CoP)

By Irene Rose and Annette Patchett

A desire to make orientation a great experience for in-coming students is what our Programme Orientation Community of Practice members have in common. Since we started up in May 2017 our workshops have been attended by more than fifty academics, administrative and support staff involved with both undergraduate and postgraduate programme orientation across the University. We help each other through networking and knowledge-sharing. We’ve shared our insights into what can help give in-coming students the most engaging orientation into their programme possible and we’ve identified common difficulties they experience, such as how to find their way around campus quickly and easily.

But orientation is not just the week before the teaching term. It is widely recognised that timely communications and activities need to be paced across the first semester and even over a student’s first year. At our next workshop on 20th February 2018 we’ll focus on orientation planning. In particular, developing the necessary toolkit for highlighting points of identification and information that assist students becoming familiar with the myriad educational, emotional and environmental adaptations needed to settle into University life.

To coin an old cliché, a problem shared is a problem halved. Finding solutions to problems is at the core of the Programme Orientation CoP and you are welcome to join us. If you haven’t already registered to the Programme Orientation Community of Practice, join up now to receive information on this event by completing this Form. Alternatively, contact one of the members below:

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