UCD Mass Spectrometry Community of Practice

By Dr Jimmy Muldoon, School of Chemistry

On 17th July 2019 the UCD Mass Spectrometry Community of Practice hosted a meeting as part of the UCD Agile WST Summer School.

We were delighted to welcome our new members, the Medical Bureau of Road Safety and Life Scientific. Karen Hayes, Senior Analyst with the MBRS presented an engaging overview of their work and their instrumentation, offering an informative picture of the role of Mass Spectrometry in a  challenging operational and regulatory environment and precipitating a lively discussion.

Jimmy Muldoon of the School of Chemistry presented a review of Paperspray – MS methodology and a discussion of ambient MS techniques. 

Future meetings are planned, and it is hoped to organise visits to members’ labs.


Jimmy Muldoon (jimmy.muldoon@ucd.ie), School of Chemistry