Welcome to the May 2019 Newsletter

The sunshine of May is shining on what has suddenly become an eerily quiet(er) campus since the exams finished, though behind the scenes a huge amount of work is underway in grading and exams processing, as well as in planning for orientation, recruiting new students, continuing research, providing the infrastructure of supports that make campus life possible.  All of us, I expect, have heard the “it must not be very busy for you over the summer” comments. Little do such folk suspect… 

It is just over two months since we held WST 2019 and many thanks to those who took part in the post-event survey.  In this newsletter we have some details and commentary on the survey as well as the usual mixture of project stories, practical information and heads up on and diary alerts.  We are running the WST Summer School again this July so we may see you there.  And lookout for the next newsletter in August.  Happy summer!


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