WST 2017 Participation – FAQ’s

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How do I know if this is for me?

Work smarter together is for all staff in UCD. If you have made something (big or small) work better by working with other people, you have a story to share at WST 2017.

What do I need to submit in order to participate?

Simply fill in the expression of interest form. In the form you are asked to provide a brief background of the project/initiative you were part of, who you collaborated with and the key message(s) you want to share with the UCD community.

What happens next?

Once the call for participation closes on January 16 2017, you will be assigned a member of the WST community who will help you to prepare for participating in the event. Working with this person, you will decide what format to present your contribution in (e.g. poster, presentation) and how best to deliver your key messages.

I have never developed a poster or presentation before – what help can I get?

In the new year there will be workshops to help with the design and development of posters and presentations. There will also be support for practicing your presentation prior to the event.

What are the deadlines?

  • January 12 2016 @ 11-12 In UCD Agile: Information session for people interested in participating – expressions of interest by January 09
  • January 16 2017: Expression of interest deadline
  • January 25 2017: Participation confirmation
  • February 02 2017: Event registration opens
  • February 23 2017: Content submission deadline
  • March 14 2017: Pre-event sessions
  • March 15 2017: WST 2017 main event


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