Call to Community of Practice facilitators


Communities of Practice are an established professional learning strategy in UCD. They are an effective way for groups of people who share an interest or responsibility for something they do as part of their role to develop methods on how to improve the experience, outcomes or learning by sharing knowledge, insights and resources regularly.

As part of Agile’s new strategy, we are developing our supports for Communities of Practice in UCD. To help us achieve this, we would like to engage with anyone responsible for facilitating, administrating or running a UCD based Community of Practice in order to understand their goals and needs for their specific CoP.

We invite the facilitators of any UCD Community of Practice to join us for a one hour session to share their experiences and learning from facilitating their CoP. We will use these insights to inform the development of a suite of supports for current and future Communities of Practice in UCD.

This meeting will be held online on Monday, March 4 at 11am.

If you intend to join us at this meeting, please complete this short registration form. Here is the link to the registration form: CoP Registration Form

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