Work Smarter Together 2022

Work Smarter Together 2022


The WST tradition

Work Smarter Together, as an expression of the great things which go on within the UCD community, is all about celebrating and supporting the collaboration and creativity that help make UCD a great place to work, to teach, to research, to study.   We offer our colleagues the opportunity to share their discoveries and experiences through a series of events and newsletters.  If there’s something you’d like to tell us about or a topic you’re interested in get in touch. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

In 2022, we are looking at the way we work now we are returning to some sembelance of normal. Colleagues are working remote, on campus and hybrid. There’s a lot going on.  We have been collecting stories about software, systems, collaboration, online communities and the stories from coming back to campus.

WST Activity 2022

In March, we hosted a remote event – Working in the Distributed Office . Presentations and recording are available on the WST Working in the Digital Office page linked here.

In May, we sent out our newsletter which was filled with stories of Charley Chatbot, How you can set yourself up to get involved in Consultation Processes, Menu’s international cookbook and much more.

In July 2022 Summer School programme.  This year we chose to focus on Hybrid Working, Managing Hybrid working and of course, the Summer school favourites.  Session recordings from the Hybrid Working Consultation Case Studies and the University for All Hybrid Working Symposium Case Study are available through the links

In September our newsletter spotlighted a number of our Communities of Practice and how we work together as a community

Our WST event in October was an engaging session with Erin Shrimpton called Think Like an Entreprenuer

Our final newsletter of 2022 in December did a round up of some of the exciting developments happening in UCD and around campus. You can find out about the Service Leads, the Library refurbishment, Global chatbot, microcredentials and much more.

Look out for more newsletters and events in 2023