The First WST Lunch and Learn

We had our first Work Smarter Together Lunch and Learn Session on 12th July in the Agile Work Smarter Space.

25 UCD staff members from different areas across the University attended the event. The lunch & learn session offered an opportunity for the attendees to network and meet staff from other areas of the University, to learn what Agile does and about future Works Smarter Together events.

There was also some fun to be had on the day….. the Mr Potato Head challenge. This frantic and at times very competitive team work exercise provided an introduction to process improvement.

The exercise taught the attendees about:

  • Plan-Do-Act-Study principle
  • Demonstrated how collecting real-time data can be extremely useful
  • Shows the importance of collaborative learning
  • Continuous improvement

As with all our events we strive to continually improve so we surveyed the attendees and gained some really useful insights into what to do differently for our next session. If you are interested in attending a future event please email us at to express your interest.