Re-live WST 2017 through the eyes of an artist

By Kim Lacey, Agile Administrator.
WST 2017 celebrated the creativity, innovation and collaboration within UCD and what better way to re-live and capture the essence of the day than through a graphic capture.

On March 15 2015, our graphic artist, along with the help of four UCD scribes , worked to encapsulate the atmosphere, content and memories from WST 2017 so that the community spirit which was so evident on the day can live on. 

Click on the image above to view the full document that captures all activities and sessions from 15 March. This will be great news for those who found it difficult to decide which parallel session to attend on the day. Now is your chance to catch up on anything you may have missed….you might even spot yourself in one of the drawings ! 

Like what you see, then check out the graphic summary and Vox Pop from the event as well. 

Note: you will need to be logged into your UCD account to access the graphic capture document, which is accessible by clicking on the above picture.

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