WST’s newest Smart Cards you must see

By Bernadeta Kieromin, UCD Agile

We are truly inspired by how our UCD colleagues come together (virtually) to embrace the new normal. Take a moment to check out the Work Smarter Together Smart Cards gallery to see how your fellow colleagues have been innovating.

Check what Catherine Mc Donnell and Shannon Ellison (UCD Student Desk) did to introduce a new way to communicate with students and how Sylvie Doné (UCD School of Veterinary Medicine) used the Infohub Booking Centre to allocate over 120 students for their placements. 

See UCD Registry’s Buddy System in action  and how UCD Community Choir online rehearsals lifted the community spirit.  

There are many more examples of Smart ideas to discover. Follow this link to see them all.

To share your Smart Card download the template, email it to UCD Agile at and we will feature it on the Work Smarter Together website.

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