Lean HE Ireland: The November 2021 Focus Sessions

Following two successful events in March and June 2021, we’re delighted to announce the next Lean HE Ireland Network event in November. 

For an overview of the Lean HE Ireland Network and a recap on the earlier sessions, have a look at these posts: Lean HE Ireland Update (March 2021) and Lean HE Ireland June event. 

For our next event, we have a series of short sessions from November 25th to November 30th.  Each session will be hosted by colleagues in the Lean HE Ireland Network including:  Dublin City University, University College Cork and Queen’s University Belfast, along with UCD Agile. 

There’s no need to register, just join in via the link which is included in the session details below.  

Date and Time: Thursday 25th November, 12 noon (1 hour)

Session 1: A Culture of Innovation – Insights from Amazon

Host:    Michael Sinnott, Director of Agile, UCD; Mike Bainbridge, Customer Innovation Lead, EMEA, Amazon.com

In this session you will learn:

(1) why innovation is so important,

(2) what pillars of success Amazon has developed, and most importantly

(3)  what we can learn about how they approach problem solving on the journey to product development.

Join via:  Zoom meeting

Date and Time:   Thursday 25th November, 2pm (1 hour)

Session 2:   CRM Recruit Workshop – introducing Lean to PG Admissions processes

Host Matthew Semple, Deputy Lead, Design & Configuration, SIS Programme,  Dublin City University

Description:     In this workshop we aim will aim to do two things:

  • Engage in a discussion about how Lean methodologies can be introduced to Postgraduate Admissions processes.
  • Form an affiliation of universities in Ireland who use CRM Recruit (or similar PG Admissions systems) who wish to meet again as a support group and forum for exploring Lean within various aspects of the admissions processes.

Join via:  Zoom Meeting

Date and Time:  Friday 26th November, 10am to 12pm (2 hours)

Session 3:  Two Steps Forward, One Step Back – Managing Change while Driving Innovation

Host:    Michelle Nelson, Student Services Re-Design Project Manager, University College Cork

This workshop will present a practical ‘warts and all’ view of managing change in times of organisational innovation and continuous improvement.

You will be introduced to a couple of practical tools and frameworks for becoming an effective change leader and will have an opportunity to learn from others’ experiences in managing change. 

Please have a think about a change project you are currently involved in (size doesn’t matter!) and that you are willing to discuss with the group.

Join via : MS Teams Meeting Link

Participants are requested to have their camera on during the workshop.

Date and Time:   Monday 29th November, 2pm (1 hour)

Session 4:    How To Advance Your Lean Initiatives With Process Automation – Insights from FlowForma

Host:    Michael Sinnott, Director of Agile, UCD; Aaron Fulton and Paul Stone, FlowForma

There’s never been a better time to explore how your educational institute can be leaner, stronger and more efficient. Process automation is not new and its promise of cost savings and efficiency has always struck a chord with organizations, especially in Education. Today process automation is no longer a nice to have, but instead a strategic initiative, with self-service process automation tools empowering widespread adoption and rapid outcomes.

Digitised processes are more resilient, more adaptive, cheaper to run, faster, and more transparent. Join FlowForma’s process experts on November 29th, to hear how simply you can start digitising processes for rapid adoption, process perfection and continuous improvement.

Attend this session to:

  • Hear tips on where to start with process automation, and who to involve
  • Discover how to seamlessly automate and optimise inefficient processes run on paper/excel/email
  • Learn how other institutions are removing the requirement of IT to drive process change
  • Realise why process automation produces digital cultures, where continuous improvement, innovation and collaboration thrive
  • Hear real world use cases and case studies, including how a college saved > 5,000 admin hours a year
  • See a demonstration of the self-service FlowForma Process Automation Tool

Join via:  Zoom Meeting

Date and Time: Tuesday 30th November, 2pm (1 hour)

Session 5:       Applying Lean methodology to Finance processes (within ERP systems in HE)

Host:    Matthew Semple, Deputy Lead, Design & Configuration, SIS Programme, Dublin City University and Michael Daly, Systems Accountant, Queens University Belfast

In this workshop, we will look at examples where Lean methodology has been applied to authorisation processes within institutions’ ERP systems, including non-P2P payments. The aim is to demonstrate how Lean theory can have a practical application.

Open to anyone interested in saving both time and money for their University! 

Join via:  Zoom Meeting

Contact agile@ucd.ie with any questions, follow us on Twitter – @UCDWorkSmart, #UCDWST #UCDAgile