Welcome to the November Newsletter

By Michael Sinnott, Director of Agile

Welcome to our November slice of UCD life – tales from the ‘collaboration and creativity’ front. The autumnal mists are fading into winter evenings, thoughts of Christmas lights and flaming puddings come more to mind, the season’s cards to write, and cards to look forward to getting, fill to-do lists, the Leaving Cert (?!) running its November course, favourite songs of the season begin to appear… “All I want for Christmas are my two vaccines…”, worries on the supply of small turkeys start to gnaw away, sounds of the hyper vigilant asking “do Christmas trees need a quarantine period?” to be heard, “can I flame grill left-over turkey on my New Year’s barbecue?” an unexpected question… and what will 2021 bring (besides WST ’21)?  Welcome to the end of 2020… and you are indeed welcome to it.

But… but we have all seen and done great things, in our UCD world with colleagues and around us more generally. Work Smarter Together is about celebrating collaboration and creativity, and we have seen that in the great contributions to our October event, in the workshops in the Summer School, in the collegial connections, but most importantly in all that has been done since March to make University life, in its altered state, possible. In this November’s newsletter we’re bringing you updates on the Distributed Office and stories from around the UCD community – including a new Excel Learning Community, remote student recruitment , and Multicultural Mind Trips.  

So have a good holiday season, sigh with relief that 2020 is nearly over, and here’s to looking back on a better 2021 in twelve months’ time.



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