WST Summer School – here’s what happened

Thanks to everyone who attended this year’s hybrid version of our annual Work Smarter Together Summer School on July 12 -14.  We programmed a jam packed roster of sessions running in remote, hybrid and in person, offering a number of the popular DO sessions, a case study on the succesful hybrid University for All Hybrid Symposium, the relaunch of the Excel Prolem Solvers Group and of course, our partnership with the Hybrid Working group to facilitate 3 online consultation sessions as part of the Hybrid Working Experiement.  We were also thrilled to facilitate our first full day in person Yellow Belt training day with SQT and a networking lunch in the O Brien Science building.

WST: Hybrid Working Experiment Case Studies & Community Consultation Sessions

All our colleagues were invited to join us at this daily session for the HWG consultation and case study. Each day a different group highlighted how they were experiementing with the reality of Hybrid Working and attendees were invited to contribute their thoughts and experiences to the development of our future Hybrid Working Policy.  These sessions were well attended and the engagement from the UCD Community to the consultations was lively, honest and valuble to the HWG in their work developing the future framework for Hybrid Working. Olga Mudoch faciltated this using mentimetre which allowed participant input to be collected effectively from the large numbers attending.

The HWG continue their work in developing this framework taking this valuble input onboard as part of their larger consultation strategy.    You can find more on this session and the videos from the Showcase session here.

USM Sessions

The USM contributed to the programme with sesions showing present the tools and tactics they use to devise, plan and complete their dynamic remit during the ‘USM Working Smarter Together as a hybrid team’ session as well as facilitating ‘Writing the book of Hybrid Ways of Working’ , an interactive session to create a list of good approaches that the UCD community, can employ in our day to day for hybrid working.

You can find more on this session and the videos from the Showcase session here.

DO Sessions

There were multiple DO Sessions walking participants through the tools we love in Agile. DO: Remit Mapping – Where are we now?, DO: Lean Thinking, DO: Mural, DO Lean: Getting to the root of a problem and DO Lean: Defining Success all featured as part of the programme. Information about DO Sessions and other tools are always available on the WST website here

Excel Problem Solvers Group – relaunch of COP

The USM has reimagined the Excel Learning Group by bringing it back as an Excel ‘problem solving’ group. When we say ‘problem’, we mean those issues and inefficiencies that we all experience daily in trying to carry out the various jobs that we have to do. Always happy to welcome new members whether you are an Excel expert, or someone who has an Excel problem, this CoP is open to all, so if you’re interested get in touch with the USM.

Digital Office: Hybrid IT Checklist

We’re always happy to host our colleagues in the Digital Office. From managing your time to cutting down on emails, this session this session highlighted ways to work effectively and securely online. You can find more information about the tools from the the Digital Office here.

Yellow Belt Training

UCD Agile’s training partners, SQT, delivered Yellow Belt training. The training, in person delivered on campus, provided participants with hands on experience of the Lean approach to process improvement.

 WST Case Study: University for All Hybrid Symposium

Prior to WST Summer School, University for All Symposium managed a large-scale hybrid event. They joined us to showcase their approach in understanding the practicalities, logistics and challenges through the lens of Universal Design and how they gained insight on how to engage large audiences in person and online successfully.

You can find more the recording, presentation and useful checklist from the Showcase session here

 Lunch time Networking Event 

We were delighted to host an in person lunchtime networking event in the O’ Brien Science Building where we got to meet some of our Summer School participants and chat over sandwiches and treats. It was so good we forgot to take a single photo.

Change Management Training

We were disappointed to postpone the two Change Management sessions during SummerSchool but we’re delighted to say they’ve been rescheduled! The in person training session Change Management Employee Orientation Program will take place on October 25 and ‘The Five Tenets of Change Management webinar’ is scheduled for November 2. Booking is now live on Infohub. You can find full details of the sessions here.

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