Agile @ Lean HE Global Festival: Presentations and videos

We had three UCD Agile presentations included in the Lean HE Global Festival which took place online from 19-23 October 2020. 

If you missed this event, or would like to see the presentations again – here are the PowerPoints and Videos. 

Michael Sinnott: ‘Remit Mapping – Just what is your team doing now?’

If you run or work with teams/units and have found the need, at some point, to help them clarify just what it is they do before helping them set out on a process improvement or change journey, this session might be for you.




Jeremy Britton: Running operations – innovative responses to customer needs and queries

Jeremy Britton (USM Project Lead) showed how UCD has been using Wufoo, an online form builder, to respond to some of the many challenges faced in student/staff interactions.  This approach empowers those closest to the interactions to innovate and respond, making it easier to provide the services and better meeting the needs of those in contact. 




Olga Murdoch: Experience Mapping – Seeing through the eyes of our students

In this session Olga showed how UCD used experience mapping to address the challenge of silo-based, non-integrated student services and supports, a challenge not uncommon in higher education institutions, as well as how the insights gained can guide us in dealing with some of the challenges triggered by COVID 19.




We hope you enjoy these presentations!

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