Category: Distributed Office

Following on from our fact-finding survey on the ‘Distributed Office’ where we looked at the ‘common tools for common tasks’ and identified the needs, gaps and challenges in working as part of a distributed team, we have created this space as a repository of information, practical guidance and tools to help support you and your team.

This resource is where we will share not just tools that can help you/your team do what they need to do in the Distributed Office, but also guidance on setting them up and how they should be used to get the most out of them.

Each post will identify what needs will be met, and how long each activity will take. 


DO Sessions: USM Rollout Team

The Unified Support Model Rollout team facilitated two workshops as part of Work Smarter Together’s “DO” Training series in December and January.  DO: Ad Hoc Query Resolution focused on how best to contact those...