WST 2019 Morning Session Details

Morning parallel sessions (A) 1210 – 1300 – 14 March 2019

We have set the session up to make sure you can get involved with the presentations and presenters – questions, answers and thoughts welcome – so there will be the opportunity to explore in more detail some of what comes up during the session itself.  But remember – the UCD presenters are all colleagues of yours so they are only every a phone call or email away if you want to follow up with them after the event.

(And yes, 12.10 to 13.00 is not exactly morning – we’re using ‘morning’ in the sense of ‘before lunch’ rather than actual morning).

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Session overview Strands and presenters
Session A1: How to go about making things better: Agile in action
Location:  Student Centre Cinema
How do you go about making change in your area?  If a good start is half the journey, and many projects struggle because they only think they know where they are going and don’t know where they’ve left from, how do you create change where you get a good return on your efforts and energy?  Once you’ve started, how do you keep the work going in the right direction?  In this session some colleagues who have worked with Agile show how they have made use of Agile’s support and training in shaping their better futures.

Strand 1: “Improving the InfoHub Support Service:  the Agile Methodology in Action”

Maria McDonald, IT Services

Strand 2: “Introducing a new Chemical Management System into Food Science”

Dr Sabine M. Harrison, School of Agriculture and Food Science

Strand 3: “Using Agile to simplify the Scoping phase of a Delivery Project – A Case Study”

Bridin Walsh, IT Services

Strand 4: “Getting an Agile start on your journey to a better place”

Michael Sinnott, UCD Agile

Session A2 – Faculty-staff-student partnership: Excellence through innovation, collaboration and engagement in the Social Sciences
Location: Astra Hall
The creation of a collaborative, innovative community where education and research reinforce each other and engagement extends across faculty, staff, students and external stakeholders is central to the culture of UCD College of Social Sciences and Law. In the last 18 months, this has been grounded through a ‘students as partners’ approach across the spectrum of College activities that has enabled students, faculty and staff to collaborate on a range of academic and support projects to ensure the future being shaped is inclusive and ‘fit-for-purpose’. In this session, faculty, staff and student partners outline some of their activities and open up a discussion on how partnership approaches can benefit all of the partners in the university community.


Associate Professor Niamh Moore-Cherry, School of Geography

Sara O’Sullivan, Associate Professor in School of Sociology and Associate Dean for Social Sciences

Session A3 – Work-life blend at UCD: Why your health and well-being matters
Location: Fitzgerald Chamber
Four out of five employees note a positive link between their health and wellbeing and their work productivity. Join Healthy UCD for an interactive session that focuses on the importance of health and wellbeing in the workplace, with tips on how to maintain a work-life blend. Come along and give your input to shape Healthy UCD‘s future events and initiatives, with an additional mindfulness and relaxation piece to facilitate the theme of well-being.

Brian Mullins, Director of Health Promotion

Lisa Harold, Health Promotion Coordinator

Bronagh Hanna, Counsellor with UCD Student Health Service