WST and UCD Agile

Work Smarter Together (WST) is focused on the broad community of those who make the operation of the University possible. WST’s roots stretch back to 2011 and from 2015 UCD Agile is sponsoring Work Smarter Together as part of Agile’s contribution to the university community.

UCD Agile, arose from the University’s Strategy 2015-2020. The unit was created as a support for the community, to help develop our capabilities and build on our successes to date. This is the ‘agility and effectiveness’ agenda which Agile pursues.

Working with Work Smarter Together’s spirit and history, Agile strives to create a space for supporting innovation and creativity and to be a practical support for problems and challenges.

Project stories, examples of the various tools and techniques, and gatherings of the Work Smarter Together community of practice come under Work Smarter Together. Running training programmes, the development of the Agile project portfolio, and the formal requirements of a University unit lie with UCD Agile.

Who can be a member of the WST community of practice? Membership is a state of mind, an internal disposition, a way of looking at life… but feel free to contact us at