Pre-event workshop details

Pre-event workshops March 14 2017

Time / Workshop title               Workshop details
1330 – 1630

Lean ‘white belt’ training

John Lafferty

Content Overview: This session provides a general introduction to Lean Six Sigma. This is the process enhancement methodology that UCD Agile has brought into the University as part of its supports for the strategic plan.

Participants will get an understanding of the key concepts, of how they can be brought to bear on practical challenges/opportunities, and of the broad methodology overall, as well as how Lean 6 Sigma fits into a broader continuous improvement programme.

When you have had this opportunity to get to know Lean Six Sigma why not come and talk to UCD Agile about how we can help your next steps.

Presenter/s: John Lafferty, SQT, UCD’s training partner.

Venue:  H2.40, UCD O’Brien Centre for Science

1330 – 1630

The art and science of creative problem solving

Prof Suzi Jarvis

Content Overview: This workshop will give a fun, hands-on introduction to creative problem solving and why we need it more than ever to tackle the challenges of the 21st Century.  We will explore Design Thinking which builds creative problem solving on the foundations of empathy for those affected, and insight into their underlying needs.  The method emphasises action over planning as a rapid way to test possible solutions and develop acceptable solutions via feedback and iteration.  Come and try it for yourself!

Presenter/s: Professor Suzi Jarvis,  Founding Director, UCD Innovation Academy

Venue: UCD Innovation Academy, O’Brien Centre for Science

1400 – 1600

Universal design

Dr Lisa Padden

Content Overview: This two hour session is open to all staff and faculty. This session will provide an overview of the principles and implementation of Universal Design as it relates to UCD and the university environment.

Objectives: While Universal Design does not offer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, it does present a model that aims to provide an experience, service or product that has considered the different backgrounds, preferences, needs and abilities of the individual. The overall aim is to provide a positive experience to as many people as possible without the need for adaptation, retrofitting or exclusion. This session will allow you to understand Universal Design and offer practical guidance on how you can implement Universal Design principles in your own work in UCD.


  • Principles of Universal Design
  • Thinking about diversity and inclusion
  • Universal Design tools and resources
  • Producing universally accessible communication materials

Presenter/s: Dr Lisa Padden, Academic Skills Coordinator, UCD Access & Lifelong Learning

Venue: E2.16, O’Brien Centre for Science

1400 – 1600

Unconscious bias – conformity, or creativity and collaboration

Niamh O’Donoghue
Elaine Hickey
Edel Quinn

Content Overview: Have you thought about how our unconscious biases can impact on how we engage with members of our University Community and the way we work? This interactive workshop explores the way the brain makes shortcuts and assumptions on our behalf, without us even noticing, and how this can impact on our engagement with members of the University Community, and our working collaboratively and effectively together.

Participants will look at areas which create and exacerbate those short-cuts and assumptions, including our innate preferences for certain people and information, cultural environment, and personal experiences and background. The workshop will equip participants with the knowledge and skills to identify unconscious biases, how those assumptions can be minimised in order to be as innovative and creative as possible, and will discuss strategies and mechanisms for ensuring our actions are based on sound rationale and are not unconsciously biased.

Presenter/s: Niamh O’Donoghue, People and Organisations Development Manager, UCD Human Resources

Elaine Hickey, Quality Assurance Officer, UCD Quality Assurance

Edel Quinn, People and Organisation Development Specialist, UCD Human Resources

Venue: Due to popular demand this workshop will run in two different venues simultaneously. Please check your Eventbrite registration email to confirm if you are in E2.18 or H2.12, O’Brien Centre for Science.

1500 – 1600

Policy management and equality, diversity and inclusion – a smart collaboration

Marcellina Fogarty
Dr Barry Shanahan

Content Overview: A new University Policy Management Framework has recently been established guided by good practice. Key aims of the Framework include supporting policy developers and reviewers; ensuring policies are developed, maintained and presented in a consistent manner and ensuring appropriate stakeholder engagement throughout the process. An essential element of this Framework, to ensure that all policies promote equality, diversity and contribute to the achievement of an inclusive University Community, is the development of the Equality Impact Assessment tool.

If you would like to learn more about this Framework and the role of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; about how collaboration contributed to its development and how it will encourage future collaboration across the University, and about how it will have a positive impact for every member of our University Community, then this workshop is for you.

Presenter/s: Marcellina Fogarty, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, UCD Human Resources

Dr Barry Shanahan, Policy and Project Officer, UCD University Secretariat

Venue: H 2.38, O’Brien Centre for Science

1400 – 1600

“Argument from Silence”

Sarah Browne

Content Overview:  Argument from Silence is a workshop that has been developed as part of the film project Report to an Academy, by Sarah Browne. This film explores the art school as a potentially neoliberal and painfully ‘Kafkaesque’ workplace. In such a place, management language can behave in difficult and peculiar ways, often operating to confuse authentic complaint or protest. The workshop builds from this research and explores different ways of responding to institutional language through a series of activities. These will include collecting and constructing poetry from words found throughout the building, and materialising spaces of silence and non-complaint through simple casting techniques. The workshop will also include a screening and discussion of Browne’s film.

The workshop hopes to voice different experiences of working within the educational institution and consider a shared range of tactics

Presenter/s: Sarah Browne, Artist in Residence,
College of Social Sciences and Law

Venue: Outreach lab, ground floor O’Brien Centre for Science

Sarah recently joined UCD as artist in residence in the College of Social Sciences and Law.  The artists in resident are supported by UCD Parity Studios, a university-0ide programme connecting the rich ecology of art practice in Ireland with research and education at University College Dublin. 

Check here for more details on Sarah.

1600 – 1645

Workshop: “A culture of equality, diversity and inclusion in UCD?”

Prof Colin Scott

Content Overview: This workshop is directed towards those who have attended the Unconscious Bias, Universal Design or Policy Management workshops earlier in the day.

Presenter/s: Prof Colin Scott, College Principal, College of Social Sciences and Law, Vice President for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, UCD

Venue: E2.16, O’Brien Centre for Science