Digital Literacy

As part of the Spotlight Series, we talk with Communities of Practice already established here at UCD about how they came together, their function, the objectives and where they hope to go with the CoP.

This profile was provided by Marta Bustillo on behalf of the Digital Literacy CoP

Who are you? 

UCD’s Digital Literacy Community of Practice was launched in February 2023 to act as a central hub for activities empowering UCD students and staff to develop key digital competencies that are central to academic, professional and personal success and wellbeing. The CoP is a collaboration between Leigh Wolf (UCD Teaching & Learning), Emily Smith (UCD Access and Lifelong Learning) and Marta Bustillo (UCD Library), and it aims to act as a hub for knowledge sharing about activities supporting the development of digital literacies across the university.

What is the purpose of the group?

The group aims to encourage conversations, organise workshops and facilitate resource sharing, focusing particularly on  the five key digital competencies covered by UCD Library’s Digital Literacy Framework:

  1. Collaborate and share in digital spaces.
  2. Find and use digital information and data.
  3. Understand digital identities and practices.
  4. Create and communicate digital information.
  5. Think critically and evaluate digital information and data.

How often do you meet?

The CoP organises at least one event per semester, either in person or online, and members can hear about upcoming events and gatherings via our Digital Literacy Google Space.


The CoP’S goal is to act as a central space for discussion, knowledge and resource sharing on all activities related to the development of digital competencies by staff and students across the university. It aims to facilitate:

  • Discussions around new developments affecting the digital landscape such as the impact of generative artificial intelligence on teaching and learning;
  • ‘Show and tell’ sessions showcasing new resources that support the development of digital competencies;
  • Conversations around the student perspective on various aspects of digital literacy;
  • Workshops on best practices in teaching and learning around digital literacy topics.
  • Sharing of Open Educational Resources related to digital literacy teaching created at UCD.

How can I join the Digital Literacy Community of Practice? 

Members of the UCD Community are encouraged to join our Digital Literacy Google Space, where they can share information about digital literacy resources they have found or created, and hear about any upcoming CoP events.

Where can I learn more about Digital Literacy at UCD?

See UCD Library’s Digital Literacy Library Guide.


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