Join the WST Planning Group

Join the WST Gang!

WST Community of Practice is looking for new voices to help plan our annual programme.

WST emerged from a shared experience of how UCD folks come together to use their creativity and innovation in creating the support ecosystem which makes our teaching and research possible.  WST is for all those administrators, academics, technical and support staff who, together, shape our future, meet the challenges which arise,  support colleagues and make connections.  

We are looking for people to get involved in the discussion about what would be of interest to our colleagues, to help us make connections, hear more voices from around the University and to keep our content relevant to the community.  If you have an interest in hearing from your colleagues, engaging with the wider UCD community, a unique perspective or even just some opinions on what you think is interesting in UCD, this might be the group for you.

What’s the ask?

We will be holding meetings once a month for general input but if you choose to be involved in one of the event or newsletter planning groups then there may be more meetings especially coming closer to the deadline or event.

WST (sponsored by Agile) plans 3 events and 3 newsletters each cycle. 

March – event (just gone)

May – newsletter – A Day in the Life of…

July – Summer School

September – newsletter

October – event

December – newsletter


The first planning meeting will be held remotely on Tuesday May 9 at 10am

We will discuss the upcoming newsletter and Summer School, including themes, activities and other potential connections.

If you are interested but unavailable drop us a line and we will bring you up to date.


If you want to get involved in planning our regular cycle of events and newsletters get in touch by completing this sign up form