New Year – New Distributed Office Training sessions!

Following the first round of our Distributed Office (DO) training offerings, we have added a number of new sessions.  This new offering follows directly from the work of the USM Rollout Team and UCD Agile, identifying specific needs as we continue to work – in the ‘Distributed Office’.  (You can read more about the Distributed Office in another post). 

Our new offerings include the following: 

  • DO Getting to the root of a problem
  • DO Joining a Team Remotely 
  • DO Painting the Customer Picture

We will continue to run our existing short  sessions focusing on a number of key areas: 

  • DO Workshopping Remotely
  • DO Streamlining meeting
  • DO Dealing with ad hoc queries
  • DO ‘Where are we now?’ – answering the question that comes before a change.

Visit the InfoHub Booking Centre  to book your place now!

More DO Training sessions to be announced soon, so keep an eye on the WST site. 

Tuesday 19th January

10.00am: DO Getting to the root of a problem

This session is for all staff. 

How many times have you made a fix only for the problem to resurface, or another issue to crop up in its place? How often have you struggled to convince someone of what the right thing to fix is? This workshop looks at how we can challenge our assumptions using root cause analysis to address the question of “what is the right thing to fix so the problem goes away for good?”

Using Agile’s favourite remote workshopping tool, Mural, we will look at different techniques for root cause analysis and when you might choose them. You will also get hands on experience of getting to the root of the problem.

Wednesday 20th January

10.00am: DO Joining a Team Remotely 

This session is for those who lead or manage people as part of a team and aims to provide some answers to the questions “How can I make sure my new team members know what they need to know and are learning what they don’t yet know?” and “How do I get new team members up to speed and part of our team culture?”

We’re all constantly adapting to working remotely, figuring out how to do in an online world what we used to do in the office.  Even for well-established teams, getting on top of the day-to-day can be challenging. For new members of a team, this can be an often isolating, sometimes overwhelming experience. 

The goal of the session is to do two things – to give you a chance to explore the experiences of a new team member with other team leads, identifying trends and common challenges. Then we will look at some tools, approaches and techniques that can help you support new members of your team.

Tuesday 26th January

10.00am: DO Painting the Customer Picture

This session is for those who plan, develop and operate processes and services for their ‘customers’.

“How to do we paint and use a clear picture of our customers?”

 We do lots of work for our ‘customers’.  We ask them lots of questions and learn lots from them. Sometimes we need them to do stuff, sometimes we are meeting a need of theirs, sometimes both.  Sometimes this is on-going, sometimes it is for a project.  How do we make it easier to work out this dynamic and make the most of our time and energy?  

This session aims do two things – to look at the ‘our needs’/’their needs’ dynamic and to introduce the ‘value proposition canvas’ as a way of painting the picture of your customers, what they need/want, what you offer them, and what you need from them. And then how you can use this in developing processes and services, and in running your day to day business.

Tuesday 2nd February

10.00am: DO Workshopping Remotely

This session looks beyond our day-to-day work by addressing the question of “how can I run a successful remote workshop?” Using Agile’s favourite remote workshopping tool, Mural, we will look at how to set up and run a successful workshop.

12.00pm: DO Ad hoc query resolution

This workshop looks to the way we work together, as a team, on a day-to-day basis, addressing the question of “How can I keep my team connected and informed while working remotely?”

Wednesday 3rd February

10.00am: DO Streamlining Meetings

Meetings are a great and necessary part of office life but how often to you think ‘great, another meeting’? How often have you had ‘if only…’ thoughts about a meeting. “How do we help meetings work for us?” This session will help to identify concrete things you can do, and the motivation to act on some quick resolutions.

Wednesday 10th February

10.00am: DO Where are we now?

A key to making change, of most kinds, is knowing what you are changing. If you do not know where you are leaving from on your change journey, you are already lost.  “How do we map where are we now?” This session will help you map out where you (and your team) are now, giving you a key element of looking at how you will go to where you want to go.

More sessions will be added on a regular basis, and we hope to see you at one soon. 

All are available on the InfoHub Booking Centre.

In the meantime please reach out to us at with any thoughts or questions. 

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