Register now for the WST CoP summer school on 18 July

The WST Summer School will take place in the afternoon on 18 July. The workshops and creative sessions will be an opportunity not only to build skills and knowledge but will also be a chance to network with colleagues from across campus. Choose one of the three workshops below and register now.

Workshop Time/Title Workshop Overview 
The Art and Science of Creative Problem Solving

Time: 13.30 – 16.30

Eventbrite - WST CoP Event - The Art and Science of Creative Problem Solving

Content Overview: This workshop will give a fun, hands-on introduction to creative problem solving and why we need it more than ever to tackle the challenges of the 21st Century.  We will explore Design Thinking which builds creative problem solving on the foundations of empathy for those affected, and insight into their underlying needs.  The method emphasises action over planning as a rapid way to test possible solutions and develop acceptable solutions via feedback and iteration.  Come and try it for yourself!

Presenter/s: Professor Suzi Jarvis,  Founding Director, UCD Innovation Academy

Venue: H2.40, O’Brien Centre for Science

 Fundamentals of Lean for UCD

Time: 13.30 – 16.30

Eventbrite - WST CoP Event - Mr Potato Head workshop


 Content Overview: This hands on introduction to how Lean Six Sigma is used for continuous improvement in UCD is designed to enable any staff member in UCD to be part of process improvement initiatives or projects.

UCD Agile have developed the Fundamentals of Lean for UCD programme to deliver staff with White Belt level training specific to the UCD context. This half day training workshop is suited to all staff with an interest in supporting or contributing to continuous improvement in UCD. Participants are provided with an overview of the Lean approach to process improvement and the Six Sigma approach to problem solving. Participants are exposed to continuous improvement tools/techniques through hands on exercises using real UCD processes.

Presenter/s: Olga Murdoch, UCD Agile 

Venue: UCD Agile,  Ardmore Annex

Programme orientation – more than just the week before term

Time: 14.00-15.30

Eventbrite - WST CoP Event - Programme orientation: more that just the week before term


Content Overview: Local programme orientation is not just the one day event before term; it’s something we may do over weeks and months. Programmes are always looking for something new to do that students want to engage with.

Now is your chance to learn from colleagues across campus, share some of what works well for you, and get the chance to check with colleagues on challenges you have not yet managed to crack.

This session will present an initiative one of our programmes has recently taken – the Ag Programme Office’s “You’re on the Road”. This will lead into the broader sharing of your current good practices as well as current challenges. We will close out on next steps.

Audience: Those involved in local programme orientation for new students

Presenter/s: Irene Rose, School of Agriculture and Food Science,

Erin O’Malley, Engineering & Architecture Programme Office,

Niall Dennehy, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Programme Office

Venue: Q116, UCD Quinn School of Business

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