Spotlight: MENU turns 5!

Time flies when you have a good time. This well-known saying couldn’t describe better how the Multicultural Employee Network in UCD (MENU) has been since the group was set up under EDI umbrella almost 5 years ago. Now, as we approach the MENU big birthday – 5 years -which we’ll celebrate on 7th December in the UCD Global Lounge, we look forward to reflecting on all the good things that kept our enthusiasm going. Thanks to our events and Culture Coffee mornings, we create an inspiring space for our members, where we can encourage each other to share what they love most about their countries of origin.

Whether it was through learning words in another language, celebrations of local cuisine or discovering touristic gems, our engagement proved to be a true example of collegiality and creativity. More importantly, for a lot of our members, coming from more than 50 countries and working in UCD in diverse roles and units, it gave something else – a community of belonging. While we don’t know what the most decisive factor in achieving that was, we are certain that by being curious about each other, sharing their own ideas connected to multiculturalism helped to keep that spark last. Our workshop with a Japanese artist- one of the highlights during the MENU anniversary celebration- will be a beautiful expression of our unity in diversity and the inclusive nature of our MENU community.

There is more to come for MENU and with the creativity coming from their members the sky is the only  limit. Next year we will be launching a MENU Book club, continuing with Culture Café mornings, workshops. For those who haven’t joined us yet but would love to do that contact us at  Happy birthday MENU!

Written by Joanna Kozielec

Video: Gisela Tuchszer

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