Presentations from WST February Event

By Bernadeta Kieromin, UCD Agile

Work Smarter Together February events always focus on UCD community projects and stories and this year event, was no exception. 

We met in Moore Auditorium in O’Brien Centre for Science on 20th of February 2020 to listen to our colleagues project stories, Communities of Practice news and other smart ideas aka Smart Cards. We also celebrated the success of UCD’s latest Green Belts. The event presentation is available at the the end of  this post.

Here is a sample of what you can expect to find in the presentations:

1. We learnt how students feel about their UCD experience. Check Olga Murdoch’s presentation below or UCD Agile website for more details. 

2. We found out how Room Allocations changed the timetabling process and laid the ‘sacred cow’ to rest with Elaine Hickey’s presentation.

3. Colm Walsh explained how a proactive approach to processing agency commission resulted in reduction of time, effort and deviation in actual costs in UCD Global.

4. Bernadeta Kieromin showcased UCD’s first Smart Cards to inspire colleagues to share their smart ideas so others can benefit from it too and learn from each other experience. 

5. Fergus McAuliffe from UCD Public Engagement CoP, Jimmy Muldoon and Sabine Harrison from Chromatography&Mass Spectrometry CoPs and Bridin Walsh from Project Managers CoP pointed out how each network has developed over time and what are the benefits of joining a Community of Practice!

Full post event recap and feedback is available in a separate post on the WST website and photo gallery is available at this link.