2022: October/ November Change Management Training

We are offering two upcoming sessions on Change Manangement techniques through the booking centre:

October 25  – Change Management Employee Orientation Program

Date: October 25
Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm
Location: Agile Annex

Organisations are facing pressures to change faster and in more ways than ever before. They are also recognising that successful change requires much more than achieving deliverables or embracing new technological solutions. Without our people adopting and using new technologies, tools or ways of working, it can be hard to feel the benefits of change and evolution in an organisation. Empowering our people during change not only makes success more likely, it also transforms the experience of change itself and facilitates a positive outlook for future possibilities.

For individuals, developing the ability to succeed during change is an increasingly critical skillset. This interactive Prosci® Program explores the change process from the perspective of employees impacted by change. Participants will leave with a shared language and resources grounded in over twenty years of research into change management best practice.  Understanding how we respond to change, and having the tools to engage effectively, empowers participants to succeed in any change journey.

During the Change Management Employee Orientation Program, participants will:

  • Use a current change in their jobs to apply and internalize learning
  • Learn how to use the Prosci ADKAR® Model as a language for understanding the needs of individuals during change
  • Discover how to communicate about a change in a way that is productive and proactivCreate proactive strategies for engaging in a change process
  • Become more confident and empowered in the change process as a result

November 2  – The Five Tenets of Change Management webinar

Date: Novemeber 2
Time: 2:15pm – 3:45pm
Location: Remote

Results and outcomes from workplace changes are inextricably tied to individual employees doing their jobs differently. When you apply change management to projects and initiatives, you enable employees to adopt changes more effectively, which helps you realize the business objectives you set out to achieve. Change management is about helping the people at the heart of those changes, bridging the gaps between project solutions and results through our collective efforts as change leaders.

 In this webinar we answer some fundamental questions. What does it mean to “manage the people side of change”? Why do we practice change management? How does change management lead to successful change? The answers to these and other common questions about change are found in Prosci’s 5 Tenets of Change Management. Each tenet builds upon the others and forms the context you need to clarify misconceptions and justify the importance of change management within your organization. Together they form the basis for the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of change management in a simple, logical, and compelling way.

The five tenets of change management are:

  • We change for a reason
  • Organizational change requires individual change
  • Organizational outcomes are the collective result of individual change
  • Change management is an enabling framework for managing the people side of change
  • We apply change management to realize the benefits and desired outcomes of change
Places are limited for the Change Management Employee Orientation Program and a waitlist will be in operation.
UCD staff can book a place on one of our upcoming training through the booking centre in InfoHub.
In the meantime, if there is anything we in Agile can do to help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at agile@ucd.ie