Welcome to the August 2019 Newsletter

As the rising winds of autumn dry the last puddles of summer, as the distant agony of CAO waitees becomes the ecstatic onslaught of eager first years, and as the bright lights of a new academic year loom behind the dusk of our summer sunsets… welcome to the WST August newsletter. Since our last newsletter in May we were glad to be able to bring so many colleagues together at WST Summer School in July. This newsletter, too, is the chance for colleagues to see some of what is happening around the campus, shining Work Smarter Together’s ‘collaboration and creativity’ light on the good work that is always getting done.

The summer is a very busy time of year for many folks across the campus, closing out one academic year and preparing for the next. The best of luck over the next six weeks as you bring the University through that start of year season. We will see you again, I hope, at our October event, with more news coming in the November newsletter. Happy 2019/2020!