WST March 2023 Closing Keynote Speaker – Justin Caffrey

We are delighted to confirm that Justin Caffrey will be our closing keynote speaker for WST March 23 2023


 “Resilience and Psychological Safety: When vulnerability becomes vital.”

Closing our exciting day of events at Work Smarter Together 2023 ‘Celebrating Us’,  is Justin Caffrey. Justin joins us to focus on Resilience and Psychological Safety, with a particular emphasis on why vulnerability is a key component. 

As someone who started his career in the fast-paced world of global finance in London in the early 1990s, Justin was initially focused solely on success, financial reward, winning, and being an alpha male. However, his world was turned upside down with the death of his second child just before his 1st birthday.

Through this experience, Justin had to come to terms with the reality of death, and he realised that he could not fight or buy his way out of this problem. He will share his personal journey of how he discovered Radical Transparency and reconnected back to his authentic self, and how this led him to embrace vulnerability and the importance of psychological safety in achieving high performance in life, sport, or business.

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Justin is one of Europe’s leading experts in Resilience, Leadership, Business Strategy, and Psychological Safety, with over 1 million views on his work on the Nervous System and the correlation between stress and performance. He has a Masters in Mindfulness Based Interventions from UCD, and he is also a trained Psychotherapeutic Coach, a Certified Health and Wellness Coach from the Mayo Clinic, a Buteyko International Certified Coach, and a Certified Investment Fund Director. He is the All-Ireland Business Foundation Business All-Star Executive & Leadership Coach Of The Year 2023. 

Justin’s own personal struggles, including a panic attack in a critical meeting and the death of his son, have only propelled him forward in his quest for understanding the psychology and neuroscience of success. He discovered the importance of radical acceptance and the realization that the alpha male persona was just a mask.

To further his personal growth, Justin went to live with a tribe of mystical samurai monks in Japan to metaphorically die and be reborn within the man he always was and wanted to be. He put down his fears of judgment and embraced the opportunity to marry his extensive experience as a leader of multiple businesses, his incredible work ethic, and the humbling reality of loss, and the experience of being beaten to his knees and finding purpose in his broken mind and body.

Through his upcoming keynote speech, you can learn from Justin’s 25 years of business experience and 8 years of studying the science behind success, and gain valuable insights into how vulnerability, psychological safety, and resilience can unlock the secrets to achieving high performance in life, sport, or business.




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