DO Sessions: USM Rollout Team

The Unified Support Model Rollout team facilitated two workshops as part of Work Smarter Together’s “DO” Training series in December and January. 

  • DO: Ad Hoc Query Resolution focused on how best to contact those on our teams for quick questions in the absence of a physical office. The workshop explored the use of Google Currents as a tool to keep up to date and share information quickly and without relying heavily on email. You can find out more about Google Currents here


  • DO: Joining a Team Remotely was born out of the needs identified in the Ad Hoc Query Resolution workshop. This was a session for those who manage others on how best to integrate a new or returning team member in a remote setting. From the needs identified in this and the Ad Hoc Query Workshop we created a Checklist for New Joiners template which can be accessed on Google Drive

Check out the USM website where you’ll find more details on Distributed Office “DO” Training Resources along with some useful Tools for USM Teams.

You can contact Eimear or Jeremy in the USM rollout team at