WST October Event – Think like an entrepreneur with Erin Shrimpton

Think like an entrepreneur: Getting comfortable with experimenting, taking risks and finding alternative paths to success

Date: October 27
Time: 12:00 – 14:00
Location: UCD Village Auditorium

Join us on October 27 for this short session with Erin Shrimpton, chartered organisational psychologist and expert in workplace behaviour change to pick up some tools to use.

By applying the lessons that can be learnt from successful entrepreneurs to our work life we can benefit from their ability to take initiative, adapt to change, find creative solutions and be comfortable with risk and use them to make our professional lives more rewarding.

Session Summary:

  • Professional  Experimenting: why experimenting at work is so important, especially now.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset: the mindset entrepreneurs use to test and adapt with limited resources.
  • Where to focus: getting comfortable with experimenting and challenging the norm without alienating our colleagues.
  • Visionary thinking: how thinking in visionary terms helps us be more experimental in our day-to-day.
  • Implementing change: finding the confidence to take the leap.



All colleagues are welcome to join us at The UCD Village Auditorium for the session

A networking lunch which will follow immediately after adjacent to the auditorium.

Tickets are available through InfoHub


LinkedIn Learning

Erin provides a LinkedIn Learning module on this and other topics which can be visited as a support for this session.

Permanent and temporary employees of UCD can now access LinkedIn Learning, the eLearning resource at UCD

For more information on accessing LinkedIn Learning through UCD Connect follow this link

For more information on Erin’s LinkedIn Learning session follow this link.


Erin’s Bio

Erin is a chartered organisational psychologist and expert in workplace behaviour change. She works as a LinkedIn Learning Instructor, coach and consultant helping people, teams and leaders change workplace experience for the better.

In addition, she is an experienced facilitator and keynote speaker. Erin collaborates with HR professionals, leaders and their teams to help them build, curate and even reinvent culture – always using approaches that are evidence based and experience led.

Erin spent most of her professional life in London but now lives back in her home town of Dublin with her husband and two small boys.

Erin Shrimpton Full Bio