Improving library support for modules with reading lists

Our project was so successful because the agile framework enabled all the key players in the university to understand the problem and realise the benefit to the customer of solving it. It was a great experience to see staff from UCD Library, UCD Agile and UCD Registry’s curriculum team working together as one team to deliver the right outcome.

— Eoin McCarney, Head of Collection Services, UCD Library

Students take modules. Modules have reading lists. Module coordinators give reading lists to the Library. The Library buys the items on the reading list. Students get access to the reading list materials in the Library. That is the high level theory. This project is about some of the challenges with this in practice.

The challenges were twofold: a disconnect between Curriculum and Library systems which meant the Library did not easily know which active modules require reading list support, and an onerous process to cope with the consequences of this gap.

By the end of this project, of the modules with reading lists, over 50% more had materials available for students in the Library. The interface between the Library process and module coordinators was improved. These improvements included how/when reading list information is requested, how module coordinators provide the information and how they are communicated with throughout the process.

For more information on this project download the full story here.

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