What is a Rapid Improvement Event?

By Olga Murdoch, UCD Agile

An RIE is an approach to project delivery that enables effective and efficient multi-domain collaboration, decision-making and action through direct involvement of key stakeholders in the process.

An RIE brings together staff with hands on experience and empowers them to:

  • Contribute to a common understanding of what the current state is, what the issues/opportunities are and how to address the causes
  • Take the authority to make decisions for short term and medium term improvement
  • Implement the short term improvements

Short term: make decisions that will result in immediate change to improve the current state

  • Actionable by the areas participating
  • Actionable immediately – typically implemented within 4 weeks
  • Low cost/effort for high impact

Medium term: make recommendations towards achieving the ideal state

  • Delivered as recommendations through the appropriate group/individual
  • If approved, progressed through appropriate channels
  • Higher cost/effort for high impact

If you would like to talk to us about using a Rapid Improvement Event to tackle a challenge you are facing, contact us at agile@ucd.ie.

If you have been involved in a Rapid Improvement Event in UCD and would like to share your experience, let us know at agile@ucd.ie.