WST 2017 in words and pictures

WST 2017 was a great event with more happening than any one person could possibly hope to experience directly.

We will use this page, over the coming couple of weeks, to post the pictures, presentations, posters, vox pop videos and graphic capture coming from WST 2017.

This will include main event on March 15, of course, and the pre-event workshops of March 14.

We also want to build a ‘memory wall’… even though we have not quite figured that out yet.  The idea is that you can give us any words, phrases, ideas, poems, essays which hold something enjoyable or important or good you took from WST 2017, and we’ll build a memory wall from them here on the WST website.

To pick up on Joe Drumgoole’s presentation, this memory wall is currently a ‘minimum viable idea’!  That means we will learn how best to do this from doing this, and from your pointing out how it could be done better, but we would really love to capture the memories before they start to fade.

Check back here over the next short while and you will find us adding more and more of the words and pictures from WST 2017… as well as building our memory wall.

“WST – more than just a one day event…”


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