WST March 2023 People First at UCD panellists announced

People First at UCD

People are the vital core of UCD as an organisation. Without the initiative, ingenuity and perseverance of individuals and units to drive the delivery of the high level services we offer to students and colleagues, UCD simply wouldn’t be the success story it is today. Without people, there is no UCD.

As part of ‘Celebrating Us’ Work Smarter Together March 2023, we invite you to join us for our panel discussion with members of the UCD community who have taken a People First approach to enhance the value of their way of working to both the people and the organisation.  This approach has been manifested through different programmes, projects and approaches across UCD.

During this panel we will tease out the benefits and challenges that this approach can raise and what makes putting people at the centre a core tenet for our panellists. Sharing these experiences will uncover the mechanics of implementing a People First approach from first steps to final delivery, when considering new and ongoing work across UCD and how the standardisation of this approach continues to benefit us all.


Chantelle Guilfoyle – Director – HR Partners

Professor Colin Scott – College Principal, College of Social Sciences and Law, Vice-President for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Michael Sinnott – Programme Director – POST


Lorna Dodd – Deputy Librarian

Get Involved
We are planning a discussion that talks about the impact that a people centric approach has on delivery of the work; why do our panellists believe in this type of approach and what does it mean for the people of UCD.
To make this conversation rich and relevant to our audience, we are inviting questions from the UCD Community to help shape the panel discussion. We believe that the experience and perspective of our audience can raise questions that we haven’t considered.
The panel is one hour so we may not be able to ask each question specifically but we will endeavour to shape our questions to touch on the main areas raised by our colleagues. If you’re not sure about how frame your question, get in touch –
All questions will be anonymous.

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